ZY Realty

Z Y Realty is a licensed real estate agent company registered with Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents of Malaysia, and based in Kuala Lumpur area. Z Y Realty offers real estate agency services in leasing, renting, purchases and sales of real estate properties.

中原地产是一家专业的房地产工司。注测于马来西亚房地產估價師與,評估師的及地產代理公会(這是財政部的管轄範圍)。中原以客为主的原则,力求策划项目的 产品有特色,能够形成新的市场亮点,满足客户物质层面和精神层面的需求。为客人提供专业,个性化,差异性的顾问知讯服务,主要包括二手房买卖,租赁以及多 项发展商项目营销及策划。

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